It’s a well-known fact that when you hear the word “laser”, images of Star Wars come to mind. That’s because laser technology has been around for decades and is still being perfected today! Unlike in those movies though, our lasers are safe – they don’t burn or cause any other physical damage whatsoever. With L’Ombre, their power lies within the treatment. We specialize in cutting away unwanted hair and providing relaxing and pain-free laser hair removal services.

Laser hair removal technology has been in use for some time, but despite its amazing results, there are a few misconceptions regarding this method of hair reduction.

These are the top five myths regarding laser hair removal that you should put aside:

Myth 1: Laser hair removal can cause burns and is extremely painful.

This is probably the most popular belief about the laser hair removal treatment, but it is the opposite. The popularity of lasers is due to their specific treatment. It can treat only areas with dark hair without harming the skin around it. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not a lot of discomfort (compared to the other types of hair reduction methods) during the laser treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment is conveniently pain-free. It targets all areas of the body with little to no discomfort, sparing you from all the unbearable waxing tugs and razor cuts. With L’Ombre, you will experience a quick and precise treatment that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Myth 2. Laser hair removal is not effective on dark skin.

It would have been some truth had it been made up a few years back. However, with the development of laser hair removal technology, this claim remains a myth today. Laser hair removal has been developed to accommodate any skin tone in the present. It is crucial to keep in mind that the frequency of sessions will vary based on your skin tone.

At L’Ombre, we offer laser hair removal services that are adapted to each skin type. We use the latest technology of Epildream One Diode laser – the FIRST IN IRELAND that caters to all skin and hair types. 

Myth 3: Laser hair removal only requires a single sitting or session.

Another myth associated with laser hair removal is that it only requires one session. Since it’s a non-invasive procedure for hair removal that only uses a laser, you could need anywhere from six to twelve sessions, based on the tone of your skin and the type of hair. The number of sessions for the treatment is determined by a physician before the procedure begins and will be explained before the treatment starts.

To get the long-term outcomes you desire, a series of treatments is necessary. While a single session might bring some improvements, you’ll need to repeat sessions to ensure that each hair root is removed. Many people will require annual treatments to maintain their laser hair removal results.

Myth 4. Laser hair removal is expensive.

It is a preconceived idea about the process. If you take a look at the cost of tweezing or using wax each year, you’ll see that the price for laser hair removal procedures is reasonable. It will require between 12 and 18 months of treatment.

When you are ready for maintenance, you’ll only need one or two sessions per year instead of having to wax every 4 – 6 weeks for the rest of your life. Based on your skin color and hair type, you will only require one touch-up with a laser every year to maintain your hair-free results.

Myth 5: Laser hair removal is only for women.

It is now widely assumed that laser hair removal is just for women, however, this isn’t the reality. Although it is more popular for women to go for laser hair removal, this treatment is suitable for males as well. You’ll be amazed to learn what laser hair removal options are available to men nowadays.

Taking care of your body should not be sexist, and laser hair removal is a method of hair removal that can be used by both men and women. It doesn’t matter if you want to get rid of facial hair, chest hair, back hair, or any other type of unwanted body hair – laser hair removal for men is definitely a trend right now.

Laser hair removal is not just for women. It’s a method that can be used by both men and women to get rid of unwanted body hair. At L’Ombre, there is a wide range of laser hair removal treatments available for men.

Why Choose L’Ombre Laser Hair Removal Services?

We’re experts in Laser Hair Removal for women and guys! At L’Ombre we employ our Epildream One Diode laser – the first in IRELAND that is suited to every type of hair and skin. It can even work on skin that is bottle-tanned or tanned.

Our packages will enable you to have more convenient and painless treatment sessions for hair loss using lasers with our expert team. 

With our nine locations in Dublin, it is possible to achieve absolute perfection without pain using L’Ombre. Book a free consultation with us today to see how we can help you!