Have you realized that visible signs of aging could be traced to the loss of volume? When the facial tissues begin to thin, lines appear around the mouth, and the nose and cheeks look hollow. Cosmetic dermal fillers can restore lost volume and help smooth wrinkles, fill in the lips, and bring back that youthful look. In this article, we will discuss cosmetic dermal fillers as an effective anti-wrinkle solution.

What are Cosmetic Dermal Fillers?

Cosmetic dermal fillers are gel-like compounds injected under the skin to rejuvenate volume, remove facial lines, smooth wrinkles, and improve the contours of the face.

As we age, our facial features naturally shed subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles then start being stretched closer to the surface of our skin, so wrinkles on the face and crow’s feet become more obvious. The facial skin also expands slightly resulting in volume loss in the face. Other factors that impact the facial skin are the sun’s exposure, heredity, and lifestyle.

Millions of people each year take advantage of this popular facial rejuvenation procedure, which can be an affordable way to make your face appear younger without having surgery or any downtime.

Are Cosmetic Dermal Fillers good for your face?

Dermal fillers are often described as “wrinkle fillers”, but they can accomplish more than just removing wrinkles.  Here are some of the more common issues that dermal fillers could help with:

  • Smooth lines around the mouth and nose (a.k.a. marionette lines and parentheses)
  • Improve and restore the volume of the sunken temples and cheeks
  • Reduce the vertical lip lines
  • Enhance and plump the lips
  • Smooth out a chin wrinkle
  • Improve the symmetry of facial features
  • Enhance the appearance of recessed scars
  • Reconstruct the contour deformities in the face
  • Reduce or eliminate the shadows of the lower lids

Dermal fillers are beneficial for those experiencing the first signs of aging or as a valuable component of facial rejuvenation surgery. For certain patients, a facial lift, brow lift, or eye lift is the best option. It is essential to understand that cosmetic dermal fillers are not permanent treatments for facial aging and that regular treatments are required for longer-term results.

What are the most popular cosmetic dermal fillers procedures?

Below are the most sought-after facial areas that use dermal fillers to create a natural yet enhanced look.

  1. Cheeks. Dermal fillers are our primary option for cheek enhancement that gives more prominent cheekbones.
  2. Tear Trough or Under-Eye. This process helps to improve the appearance of the eye area to be more firm and less sunken. Also, it helps reduce dark circles that appear under the eyes.
  3. Chin or Jawline. Chin fillers, also known as jawline shaping treatment, are a favorite among females and males. Women typically desire a more slim, long jawline, while males require a more square and chiseled jawline.
  4. Lips. Lip enhancement can make the lips larger or even balance them out when one lip is larger.
  5. Nose. The non-surgical nose surgery is another kind of dermal filler procedure.
  6. Smile Lines. The fillers help smooth the nasolabial folds that run between the nose and the corners of the mouth.

Is Cosmetic Dermal Fillers Worth it?

For a lot of people, cosmetic dermal filler is definitely worth it. A dermal filler procedure can aid in rejuvenating the skin and increase volume or shape in some areas of your face. The benefits include reducing wrinkles, smoothing fine lines, reversing volume loss, and rehydrating deep skin layers.

A lot of people notice the results of dermal fillers immediately. The procedure usually takes under an hour. Since it’s a non-surgical procedure, recovery time is very minimal. Depending on the type of filler used, the results could last for months and even years. Some fillers last longer than 2 years. Dermal fillers are typically less costly than elective surgical procedures.

Botox vs Fillers: What is the difference?

To enhance the appearance of your skin without surgery, injectables are becoming very sought-after! Injectables are substances placed into the skin using needles to help support muscles or increase skin volume and reduce wrinkles.

The most significant distinction between Botox and dermal fillers is the fact that Botox is used to diminish wrinkles and lines by paralyzing the underlying muscles, while fillers fill in wrinkles.

Injections using Botox or dermal fillers behave differently, however, they share a few points in common:

  1. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that requires almost zero downtime.  
  2. It’s a possible alternative to surgery, and facelifts can be delayed.
  3. By using both Botox and fillers, a natural effect can be achieved. It is recommended to see an expert who will do the procedure.
  4. There may be a need for a follow-up a month following the injection.

In terms of the treatment duration, Botox only takes 15 minutes, while dermal fillers take 15-30 minutes. The optimum result for Botox is after 2 weeks. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, will immediately give visible results. Botox result lasts for 3-5 months, while dermal fillers last for 8-12 months. 

What happens before a dermal filler procedure?

Before you can get cosmetic dermal fillers, you’ll need an appointment with your healthcare provider. It’s possible to visit a dermatologist or other healthcare professional who specializes in skin. They will examine your face and inquire about your needs and the areas you would like to improve.

They might mark your face using a marker or pen to indicate where the injections will take place. They might also take photographs of the face. Your healthcare provider will suggest an exact kind of filler and discuss possible side effects and recovery time.

During the appointment, the healthcare professional will also inquire about your medical history. It’s crucial to inform them that you’re taking medications that could cause more complications after getting dermal fillers. Inform your physician if you’re taking any of the following medications:

  • Allergies
  • History of bleeding or bruising following similar procedures 
  • Neurological problems
  • Skin conditions

What happens during a dermal filler procedure?

Your doctor cleanses your skin before applying cream or lotion with an anesthetic. The anesthetic will numb the area, which makes the procedure more relaxing. Utilizing a fine needle, your healthcare provider injects tiny quantities of fillers beneath the skin. The needle can cause pain or sting, however, the majority of people do not experience any discomfort during the injections. The entire procedure will only take 15-30 minutes.

What happens after a dermal filler procedure?

Your healthcare provider will clean your skin after the procedure. They might also give you an ice pack to reduce swelling and pain. There may be bruises, swelling, pain, or discomfort after receiving the injections. Most of the time, these side effects are not severe and will disappear within some days.

Many people experience immediate results after receiving these injections. However, everyone’s results will be different. How long it takes to notice results (and the length of time they last)  depends on many aspects, such as the kind of treatment administered to you.

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