Additional charge might apply for extra long hair or thickness.

Straight (short) – €22

Straight (long) – €25

Curly – from €27

Extension Blow Dry – from €30

GHD Curls – €35

The Full Moroccan Experience Blow Dry – €35
The Full Moroccan” Blowdry now available, Experience the full range of Moroccan Oil products, shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask, hot towel head massage with a great blowdry.

Signature Blow Dry (frizz free up to 8 weeks) – €45
Frizz free hair for up to 8 weeks in Just 45 Minutes!, that’s what ALFAPARF Milano is promising with their new salon exclusive Keratin smoothing system. Using Babassu oil form the Amazon, and a special patented formulation called kera-collagen complex with Glycolic acid, leaves the hair with 58% more manageability instantly, and humidity abay.

12 Week Blow Dry – from €125 – €165
Do you dream of perfectly straight hair and more time for yourself? Do you want to manage your look easily and quickly without having to fight everyday with a brush and hair dryer? Now you can have straight hair, velvety, bright and easy to comb.

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Up Styling By Creative Director – from €45

Bridal Up Style – from €45

Senior Stylist (Shampoo, Cut & Blow Dry) – €53

Restyle – €60

Perm/Body Waves & Blow Dry – €70

Hair Extensions Price – On Consultation

Child Cut & Blow Dry (under 12) – €30

Child Dry Cut (under 12) – €18

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Intensive Treatment With Colour Services – €10

Semi De Lino Luxury Treatment – €15
Luxury treatment involves full hair analysis followed by tailor made Alfaparf Semi Dilino intensive treatment and luxury head massage.

Cellula Madre – €20
The first Argan stem cell treatment capable of releasing the beauty potential enclosed in your hair. Aunigue formula created using cells that are as tiny as they are powerful,able to self-renew continuously. With Cellula Madre, your hair is 4x** more beautiful in just one application.

Moroccan Oil Luxury Treatment – €20
Luxury treatment involves full hair analysis follow by tailor made Moroccan oil products intensive treatment and luxury head massage.

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Additional charge might apply for extra long hair or thickness.

Full Head – from €130

Half Head – from €90

Full T-Bar – from €70

Floodlights – On Consultation

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Complimentary blow dry with all colour bar only. Patch test required 24 hours prior to appointment for all new colour clients.

10 % off on hair services Mon-Wed for senior citizens and student card holders.

Additional charge might apply for extra long hair or thickness.

Tint / Re- Growth + Blow Dry ‘Roots Up To 2 Inches – from €75

Full Head Colour ‘Roots To Ends’ – from €90

Semi Quasi ‘Full Colour Of Semi Permenant’ – from €65

Masking – from €45
Haven’t Got Time For Tint Re Growth? Masking is suitable for covering visible areas parting hairline.

Balayage – from €100

Pre Lightener ‘Specialised Scalp Application Of Tint’ – from €70

Toners ‘With Colour Services’ – from €15

Change Of Colour – On Consultation

Colour Correction – On Consultation

Fashion Colour – On Consultation

Olaplex – from €35

Olaplaex Express – from €17

Cut With Colour Service – from €25

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Fill Perfection – €80
The perfection of the first. Advanced cosmetic filler. Not only reduces wrinkles, but fills them in, in only 5 sessions.

Age Method – €80
The 1st universal youth-enhancing treatment inspired by epigenetics, the science of genes. An innovative formula that works at the heart of the cell, restructuring the damage caused by hormonal and skin aging, by smoothing lines, minimizing expression lines and deep wrinkles, and strengthening the structure of the skin. An advanced cosmetic tool capable of fighting the signs of aging generated by modern day stress, such as jet lag.

White Science – €80
The 1st brightening anti-spot treatment by DIBI MILANO that regulates melanin, for skin that is as flawless and pure as the light. From DIBI MILANO comes a proffessional cutting-edge treatment that reduces skin spots, evens out the skin tone, brightens the complexion and makes it lighter, for an effect of supreme perfection.

Lift Creator – €80
From DIBI MILANO comes the creation of the 1st beauty treatment that renews the skin, lifts the facial contours, corrects wrinkles and redensifies the tissues. Innovative peeling, reforming and lifting cosmetics together for the first time.

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Classic Mink Eyelashes
Applying one single eyelash extension to one natural eyelash by individually bonding them one by one using a strong glue. After 3 weeks new natural eyelashes will be long enough to take an eyelash extensions, so 2-3 week refills are needed to keep them full. This application takes 60-90 minutes to apply.

Full Set Classic Mink Lashes – €75

1/2 Set Classic Mink Lashes – €50

Classic Mink Refills (Up To 3 Weeks) – €55

2D, 3D Mink Eyelashes
Applying multiple lashes to one single natural eyelash individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time. Using very thin lashes. If two eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash it’s described as 2D, if three eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash then it’s described as 3D etc. You pay more for this technique. Application takes 90-105 minutes to apply.

2D, 3D Full Set Mink Lashes – €110

2D, 3D 1/2 Set Mink Eyelashes – €75

2D, 3D Refills Mink Lashesh (Up To 3 Weeks) – €85

Full Set Russian Volume Mink Lashes – €125

Refills Russian Volum Mink Lashes (Up To 3 Weeks) – €105

Full Set Cashmere Mink Lashes – €160

Occasion Lashes (Last 3-7 Days) – €20

Refills Cashmere Mink Lashes – €145
With semi permanent eyelashes individually and expertly applied by a skillful and very experienced technician using only premium quality products! Using ‘ Luxury Cashmere ‘ a brand new innovation in individual eyelashes. These lashes are made using advanced polymer technology to give the wearer lightweight and long lasting lashes, typically 70% lighter than traditional lashes, comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelids.

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File, Polish & Cuticle Work – €18

Shellac (Inc. Cuticle Work) – €25

Shellac Removal And New Application – €30

French Manicure Shellac – €30

SPA Manicure – €40

Shellac Spa Manicure – €45

Gel Nails Full Set – €55

Gel Nails Full Set + French – €65

Gel Nails Full Set + Shellac – €60

Gel Refills – €45

Gel Refills + Shellac – €50

Gel Removal – €20

Nail Art – €8

Upwards Nail Repair – €8

Shellac Removal – €10

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File, Polish & Cuticle Work – €20

Spa Pedicure – €45
Spa pedicure is a procedure which cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. It helps prevent nail diseases. The pedicure is also accompanied by a foot massage that rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles. This is done by removing your old nail polish thoroughly. Soaking feet in warm water 10-15 minutes.

Shellac Spa Pedicure – €50

Shellac Pedicure – €30

Swarovski Toes Nail – €50

Callus Peel Pedicure – €30

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1/2 Leg – €25

1/2 Leg & Basic Bikini – €40

Full Arm – €23

Lower Arm – €18

Underarm – €16

Basic Bikini – €22

Mini Brazilian – €26

Californian (High Bikini) – €30

Brazilian (Landing Strip) – €46

Hollywood (All Gone) – €52

Lip – €10

Chin – €10

Sides Of Face – €10

Eyebrows – €12

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Eyebrow Thread – €18

Lip Thread – €15

Chin Thread – €13

Sides Of Face Thread – €18

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Swedish Full Body – €50

Deep Tissue Full Body – €60

1/2 Body Back | Neck | Shoulders – €35

Luxury Hot Oil, Scalp & Head Massage – €40

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Eyelash Tint – €12

Eyebrow Tint – €12

Eye Combo: Eyebrow Wax, Tint & Eyelash Tint – €30

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Full Body Spray Tan – €30

Half Body Spray Tan – €25

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Full Make Up Application – €35

Full Make Up Application + Party Lashes – €45

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Back Wax – €35

Shoulders – €25

Chest – €35

Legs – €45

Eyebrows Wax – €20

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