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Lose Up To 3 Inches Of Fat Off Any Body Part!

Do you find it hard to get rid of stubborn fat through weight loss techniques such as diet and exercise? If so, Laser Liposolution is the perfect answer as it guarantees the removal of up to three inches of excess fat in the targeted area.  

Here at  L’OmBré, we’re the first service provider in Ireland to use the latest cutting edge Laser Liposolution technology that offers you a painless experience coupled with minimal risks. Click the button below to book your free consultation with our expert laser technicians. 


What is Laser Liposolution and How does it work?

Laser Liposolution is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that makes use of medical-grade fibre optic lasers to target stubborn fat cells. 

How does it work? When targeted to a specific area, the laser opens up the surrounding excess fat cells and releases them through the lymphatic system. We recommend you to undergo two 30 minute treatments spaced in a four week period. 

Still unclear about how laser Liposolution works? Our dedicated staff at L’OmBré are more than happy to clear all your doubts or queries. Book your free consultation. 

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Guaranteed results

At L’OmBré, we are experts in the delivery of Laser Liposolution for men and women. Our commitment to providing exceptional quality and superior service promises results and is backed up by our clients repeatedly. We use cutting edge, state of the art Laser Liposolution technology, which is pain-free and guarantees the removal of up to three inches of excess fat in the targeted area. Get in touch with our highly experienced therapists to create a personalised treatment plan which matches your needs. 

Benefits of Laser Liposolution:

  • The procedure will leave you with no scars in the treatment area.
  • Quick, safe and pain-free. 
  • No recovery period. 
  • Promotes the production of collagen, which helps the skin look tighter.
  • Lose up to 3 inches off excess body fat.
Laser Liposolution technology

How does our Laser Liposolution differ from CoolSculpting?

Laser Liposolution for women

How does it work?

Laser Liposolution: A permanent, non-invasive procedure that involves the removal of excess body fat with the help of medical-grade lasers.

CoolSculpting: A temporary, non-invasive procedure that uses cooling applicators to freeze excess fat beneath the skin.


Laser Liposolution: Offers a shorter duration, with one session taking around 30 minutes.

CoolSculpting: Takes a longer duration when compared to Laser Liposolution. One session will take around 40-60 minutes, depending upon the area.

Side effects:

Laser Liposolution: No side effects.

CoolSculpting: Side effects include redness, bruising, pain and sensitivity.

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What is the cost of Laser liposolution?

The cost of Laser Liposolution is €299 for one treatment. To achieve the best results we recommend two courses of treatments per area.

We at L’OmBré, also offer package deals that cost around €999, wherein we target two areas of the body, saving you around €198 in the process. It is to be noted that the procedure can only be performed on one specific area at a time and hence, you will need to wait for a period of three months to get the treatment done on the second area.

Why L’OmBré?

At L’OmBré, we are the first in Ireland to introduce one of the most advanced and effective Laser Liposolution technology, giving clients a pain-free, long-lasting and highly satisfactory experience. Our team of laser therapists are highly trained and are certified to use medical-grade lasers. We will also guide you throughout your treatment journey so you know what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

A suitable candidate could be any individual who finds it difficult to remove excess body fat through weight loss techniques such as diet and exercise. The procedure is not meant to treat obesity.

Individuals with conditions listed below will not be eligible for Laser Liposolution:

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Melanoma
  • Lupus
  • Scleroderma
  • Heart and acute disease
  • Individuals with tattoos on the targeted area – The machine needs to be at least two inches away from the tattoo.
  • Metal joints or prosthesis wearers – Dependent on the targeted area.
  • Tumours
  • Cardiopathic subjects and people with pacemakers or other implanted devices.

If you have any questions with regards to eligibility, Get in touch with us now.

Yes, Laser Liposolution is a non-invasive and pain-free medical graded procedure that is FDA approved and is performed by highly qualified laser therapists. 

You would require a total of two treatments per body part. After completing the first course, you will need to wait for a period of four weeks to undergo the second course of treatment. 

No, there are no side effects. You may experience redness which will subside within a couple of hours. 

No,  you will need to wait for a minimum period of three months to shift the focus onto a new area. Also, to achieve the best result, our laser technicians at L’OmBré advise you to target one area at a time.

Yes, but you would need to wait around twelve months to undergo the Laser Liposolution procedure in the same area. 

Yes, the technology is medically tested and is guaranteed to remove up to three inches of excess fat in the targeted area. Click our results page to find out more. 

Yes, the technology provides the opportunity for individuals who are diabetic to also avail the treatment.

You are likely to see results four weeks after the second course of treatment. 

Our laser technicians at L’OmBré advise you to undergo a lymphatic massage once a week following the completion of the procedure. 

Why should I opt for a lymphatic massage? A lymphatic massage will help speed up the process of removing excess fat cells in the body, therefore, providing you with the best of results. 

  • Consume at least two litres of water daily.
  • Avoid sun exposure or sun lamps for a period of five days before and after the session as it can cause skin irritation.
  • Avoid intense physical activity such as exercise in the two days following the session.
  • You need to respect the interval of four weeks between one session to another on the same area to maintain maximum results. 

Our experts at L’OmBré also recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to maximise results.

Our four-step process

In this step, we aim to understand your needs, the areas that you would like to target, take necessary measurements and photographs of the target area, and discuss the clients’ medical history to avoid any complications.   

After assessing your requirements, we begin the first course of treatment.

After a period of four weeks, we begin the second course of treatment.

In this stage, we will assess and report your progress by comparing images and measurements taken before and after the procedure. 

Ready to take the step?

Our team at L’OmBré are more than willing to answer all your queries. So get in touch with us now to book your free consultation. 

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